How to get a good chef knife


Having a good chef’s knife is like owning a tool that basically puts your cooking ideas into practice. It’s so important to have a knife in your hands that feels comfortable to use. Imagine having to chop something and your knife acts like it doesn’t listen to your thoughts and cuts the ingredients in uneven pieces. This is why you need to identify your personal preferences and needs and realize that in order to cook at a professional level you must own a great knife.



Even if might take a little time to find your ideal knife, you can start by searching a cutlery or a cookware store where you can look a wide selection of knives. It’s crucial to understand the size and the handling before concluding that the piece is made for you. It’s not about spending a fortune but more about the feeling you get when in contact with a certain item. You can find a chef knife under $50 if you just know how the knife of your dreams should look and feel like.

Since we’re talking about the feeling a knife enables you we must mention the testing part. In the process of finding a good knife, you need to run tests for dozens of models before making your final decision. There are certain foods that are suitable for this type of tests. Basically, an amazing tool needs to be tested for mincing parsley, dicing an onion, slicing a winter squash, carving a melon, and cutting carrots into thin strips.


After seeing the results, you can move on to comfort and perfect fit. A chef knife made of quality materials must feel like a natural extension of your hand. Furthermore, it needs to inspire confidence so you can trust your instincts and achieve full performance while trying out new recipes. If the knife looks and feels great, you can start chopping without having to worry about slipping off and cutting your fingers.

Besides the look and the grip, a knife must have an ideal weight. Some cooking schools teach their future chefs that the reason why a chef’s knife cuts so well no matter the texture of the food is that it falls with force.

You might have never thought of this aspect, but a perfect balance is a must if you want to get an excellent chef’s knife. In order to check its balance, grip the knife by its handle. If it feels too heavy toward the back of the handle or toward the blade of the tool, you should opt for another product. If the knife is not balanced enough, you’ll put too much effort into the cutting and end up exhausting your hand.

The most popular chef knife size is the 8-inch option that ensures plenty of versatility. You can get a 10-inch knife but it might be less flexible while cutting certain ingredients.